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About Us

About Us:

Legacy Business Solutions(Pty) Ltd.


Providing Innovative Business Solutions for Pioneers

Legacy Business Solutions (PTY) Ltd. is an Independent Software Vendor for Sage*.

100% black owned digital marketing and business coaching firm.
A South African based consulting firm head- quartered in the iconic Nelson Mandela Square. Co-founded by two entrepreneurs, Maru and Refiloe Etsane with vast experience collectively spanning multiple decades.

Their careers span various economic sectors and with the rise of technology they realized that most business were being left behind. Legacy is very important to the Co-founders, as it is the only true test of our impact in the lives of others.
Businesses offer such a means to leaving a lasting impact and our solutions seek to simplify business start-ups and ensure sustainability into the future.
Legacy Business Solutions works with a variety of clientele: budding entrepreneurs; pioneers in business and the well-established corporate. Our Business Solutions enable business to focus on its core activities to develop a sustainable competitive advantage whilst Legacy becomes a long- term partner for growth.




*Sage is a multinational software company serving 13 000 entrepreneurs in 23 countries.

Sage is synonymous with accounting systems; payroll services and payment solutions.

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Solutions to create, promote and protect your business

Make impact

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Sales & Marketing Read More

Sales and Marketing Advisory Services.

Increase your sales and marketing effectiveness by leveraging the knowledge, skills and experience of highly skilled professionals.

National Sales & Marketing Sectoral experience:

Business Development


Sales Training




Food Processing

Food Services

Digital Marketing

With a track record working with multinational companies such as KFC, Anglo, VW, Ford and more, we offer the combination of Sales & Marketing unparalleled consulting services.

Book a day with one of our consultants to plan and execute your best sales strategy.

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*Daily Rate, 4-6 hour retaine

*Excludes venue hire

Human Capital Consulting Read More

Employee Engagement Advisory Services

Increase your organisational effectiveness by leveraging the experience of highly skilled professionals

Expertise knowledge on translating Employee Satisfaction into Employee Engagement

ECA International and Korn Ferry certification

Our experience in multiple sectors working with multinational companies will serve your organisation immensely

Book a day with one of our consultants to plan and improve organisational culture.

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*Daily Rate, 4-6 hour retainer

*Excludes venue

E-Commerce covered

Are you speaking the same language as future consumers?



About SmartDealsApp

SmartDealsApp™ is a free to use plug and play mobile app platform.

Save thousands on app development and plug into a working system. Sell online today, let shoppers buy your products on the go.

Shoppers enjoy the best deals innovative businesses can offer on brands that they love; at the best prices of course! Shoppers have variety of Cars, Fashion, Tech, Events, Travel, entertainment and much much more.

Now Shoppers can get first dibs on deals right off their mobile device 365/24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

SmartDealsApp™ offers existing businesses simplicity in e-commerce. SmartDealsApp™ Lowers marketing cost but maximizes the opportunity to reach anytime of day.

SmartDealsApp™ is your preferred gateway,  open an account for free and get posting.

For more info on SmartDealsApp™ T&C’s


App Product Features

SmartDealsApp™ is free to download; easy unlimited upload & edits to product & service adverts

SmartDealsApp™ can easily connect to your business website to give it e-commerce capability

SmartDealsApp™ Links to Social Media for sharing on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram & more

SmartDealsApp™ product comparisons means your business has a fair opportunity to compete

SmartDealsApp™ offers shoppers an Add-To-Cart; Check-Out & Wishlist feature for future purchases

SmartDealsApp™ orders are tracked & stored for vendors. Shoppers are also notified of progression


Top 3 Benefits

Zero Cost unlimited digital advertising on hand held devices instead of flyers and billboards

Businesses No longer need to handle cash SmartDealsApp processes Instant EFT

Businesses no longer need Speed Points as SmartDealsApp processes QR Code Transactions




Selling on the app costs less than R50 per month

See our T&C’s for our affordable transaction fees.